Our Mission Statement:

" We are Villa Madonna Catholic School. We achieve academic excellence in a family spirit, using St. John Bosco's principles of Reason, Religion, and Loving Kindness. To become lifelong learners we Work, Play, Study, and Pray."

5th Grader Isabel G. was invited to ENVISION,

National Youth Leadership Forum

Pathways to STEM held at 

the University of Florida.

She attended a week-long, sleep away camp focused on STEM. Isabel's favorite activity was dissecting a cow heart. 

Student Highlights

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Villa Madonna Winner

National Geography Bee:

2017-2018 Ben Kantor

2018-2019 Harry Kantor 

2018-2019 Villa Global Mathletes:

The following students exceeded the national or world average score:

3rd & 4th Grade 

Cassidy M – 1st Place

Juno C – 2nd Place

Anthony Z – 3rd Place

Gabriel C

Bryson W

Jacob L

Natalie P

Vera R

5th & 6th Grade 

Kyla U – 1st Place

Gaizka B – 2nd Place

Ethan D – 3rd Place

Isabel G

Emily P

Rocco F

Lauren B

Kevin R

Joseph A

Alex L

Meredith M

Melanie K

Noah C

7th Grade & 8th Grade

Sydney K – 1st Place

Anna A – 2nd Place

Roy D – 3rd Place

Kendall M



Villa Madonna Grades 3-5 win 1st Place Overall 2016, 2017

Villa Madonna Grades 3-5 win Overall STEM prize 2017

Villa Madonna Grades 6-8 win 3rd Place Overall 2016, 

Villa Madonna Grades 6-8 win 2nd Place Overall 2017


AR Top Point Earners in Grades 1-8 -- 2018-19


First Grade

  1. Eva D---56.8

  2. Levi G---46.8

  3. Nahia B---36.8

  4. Lilyana G---26.3

  5. Norah C---26.0

  6. Tyler W---25.8

  7. Gabriella C---23.8

  8. Aydan W---22.8

  9. John H---20.2

  10. Luciano J---18.3


Second Grade

  1. Nora R---114.3

  2. Ethan D---94.4

  3. Paula R---86.8

  4. Morgan S---83.1

  5. Marco D---76.6

  6. Ruby R---73.7

  7. Ellie H---54.5

  8. Mia M---45.4

  9. River G---40.7

  10. Isabella T---40.6



Third Grade

  1. Luke L---304.1

  2. Everett B---251.2

  3. Jacob L---207.1

  4. Aidan E---164.8

  5. Luca S---137.2

  6. Ellie D---127.9

  7. Finley F---113.7

  8. Juliana M---93.6

  9. Jayden B---91.8

  10. Blake B---86.4

Fourth Grade

  1. Gianna S—763.5

  2. Chloe S—630.8

  3. Jack A—333.0

  4. Celeste M---303.0

  5. Alijah T---260.2

  6. Vera R---210.2

  7. Anthony L—191.9

  8. Harry K---189.4

  9. Brody M ---186.4

  10. Matthew J---167.3

Fifth Grade

  1. Ella S---620.3

  2. Gaizka B---405.8

  3. Domenica D---336.8

  4. William L---279.7

  5. Rocco F---278.9

  6. Shannon M---278.1

  7. Ethan D---190.2

  8. Arianna T---170.2

  9. Joseph A---143.3

  10. Maya B---118.0

Sixth Grade

  1. Meredith M---258.7

  2. Cadence F---223.9

  3. Elijah G---219.7

  4. Demiah J---207.9

  5. Olivia P---156.6

  6. Clare B---150.3

  7. Anne D---149.6

  8. Zanola A---146.0

  9. Alexa C---126.8

  10. Melanie K---120.4

Seventh Grade

  1. Isabella G---819.2

  2. Bridget M---294.1

  3. Emma D---292.4

  4. Ysabel G---287.2

  5. Olivia P---278.1

  6. Sophia M---214.6

  7. Alexander M---207.5

  8. Gary G---188.9

  9. Adrian T---188.6

  10. Elliot S---175.8

Eighth Grade

  1. Benjamin K---439.2

  2. Javon B---436.3

  3. Holden F---398.8

  4. Anna A---358.3

  5. Regina A---345.4

  6. Sydney K---331.8

  7. Autumn M ---282.5

  8. Raquelle E---271.3

  9. Camryn F---262.0

  10. Matthew G---258.8

Discover the True Power of Prayer:

3 Hail Mary's every day for 9 days 

Worried about something? In desperate need of prayer for yourself or others? Do you want something better for your life or for your family? Do you wish to thank God for special blessings you have received? Say 3 Hail Mary's without fail, everyday, for 9 days. Every day, ask Mary for your intention. Be patient, and watch Mary work wonders in your life!  A NOVENA is a 9 day series of prayer. Asking Mary directly for help is considered a special type of prayer. The power of daily Hail Mary's can be seen worldwide. You don't need to say an entire rosary to be heard by Mary. Start with a simple 9 day novena of 3 Hail Mary's.  

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